The trivia section of Captain America’s wiki has me in tears-



Super serious post about Steve and his extra capabilities—

  • Steve Rogers is shown to be worthy of carrying Mjolnir, is one of few people capable of accessing Iron Man’s armory, and is one of two foreigners entrusted with the Black Panther’s technology. Steve is also one of the very few people that Wolverine truly trusts.

And then-

  • Steve loves apple cake.






on a scale of one to invade russia in the winter

how bad is your idea

invading finland in winter


the Finns used SKIS. just imagine being a Russian coming to battle and all of a sudden the Finns come out on nowhere ON SKIS

You could say the Russians were…



I may not have any special talents but I can recite every word Groot said in guardians of the galaxy


#how does this woman not have every award in existence (x)



This is something I’ve mentioned before on Twitter, but I’m thinking about it again: what do y’all think breakups are like in the Wizarding World? Like imagine throwing hexes at each other during the initial blowup, making it to where their owls can no longer deliver mail to you, putting completely unnecessary wards around your house out of spite so they can’t come back and get their stuff they left behind, missing them one night after a few shots of firewhisky and sending a slightly drunken patronus at 3 am.

-Sending a friend who took Polyjuice Potion to look like you to break up with your boy/girlfriend for you.

-Your friends find out you’ve been using Cheering Charms on yourself liberally and them taking away your wand and telling you that “it’s okay to cry, we’re here to help you get over this.”

-There is most definitely merchandise in Weasley Wizard Wheezes and Zonko’s for post-breakups. Jokes to make you feel better and jokes for revenge.

-Memory wiping spells, unfortunately, happen a lot in this context. The person feels unable to get over their love and because of their own doing they never do. 

-A person looks at their memories of the relationship in a pensive and they notice that they have corrupted the memories by accident because they were so enamored by the other person. Over time and with a clearer mind, they extract the same memory and find that the memory is a whole lot different. (Don’t know if it would actually work.)

She’s effing funny. Does that mean we’ve written hilarious scenes for her? No. But someone should. — Benioff & Weiss on Emilia Clarke


Up and coming filmmaker Teddy Lupin, son of the renowned Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, makes his debut documentary with The Battle of Hogwarts, a heartbreaking but beautiful film about the fateful events of May 2, 1998.

To my dear mother and father, and all those that the wizarding world owe their lives to.



These people are doin’ Halloween right. 

LOL I love One Night Stand and Freudian Slip LOL.

Wanna know the fucking truth? Nobody is fucking happy. Nobody has skin made from oil paint and sunlight. Nobody fucking understands this world. Fuck, nobody probably understands math as much as they claim. You’re here one day and the next you’re not. God? Religion? I’ve learned a lot more about the world by eating acid and swallowing pills. Tell me what your church has done for you? Tell me if you have holes in your mouth from speaking lies? Wanna know the fucking truth? Pity is just another word for pathetic. Drink beer and watch the sunrise from every rooftop. Take photographs naked. Take photographs kissing. Take photographs having sex. Stop making everything about sexuality. Wanna know the fucking truth? Nobody really gives a damn if you lost your virginity at fourteen or if you were the president in high school. Wanna know the fucking truth? There is no such thing as the right person. People leave. They change like ocean currents, they leave you with bruises in your calves. And you wanna know the fucking truth? You get better. You learn to love. You find God in between the cracks of a wall when you’re puking your limbs out. You wanna know the fucking truth? Go find it.

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Jesus fucking christ

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"You have no idea how much I missed this."
"You had amnesia for two months, I missed it more."

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